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Night & Daytime Visibility 698 994 Trees-Stone Surveying

Night & Daytime Visibility

New safety garb for 2023…..

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Smile, It’s just a job! 512 871 Trees-Stone Surveying

Smile, It’s just a job!

Smile even if the moustache is frozen….

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Sunset Surveying 768 1024 Trees-Stone Surveying

Sunset Surveying

Views from the field….

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Post Three 768 1024 Trees-Stone Surveying

Post Three

Control work/checks into MD NGS discs near tristate corner in 2020….. Check back here soon for an article of interest!

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Post Two 900 675 Trees-Stone Surveying

Post Two

Another NGS Benchmark disc found…..

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Post One 900 793 Trees-Stone Surveying

Post One

Nice pastural countyside survey up in Delaware’s “Gods Country” , near my old Winterthur stomping ground.

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